Our Partners

Long table that fits 20, with linen napkins wrapped with red ribbons. Warm lighting emitting from candles and two ball-shaped chandeliers. Brick walls on two sides of the room, with large windows, and a dark grey wall on the left side of the room.

dineDK highly values our local partners, organizations, and not-for-profit organizations.

“David has the perfect combination of professionalism, talent and approachability. Since we have an open kitchen and most of our guests are in media (or at least very interested in food) it’s important that the chef be able to work and interact with guests while also providing a seamless dining experience. I’m confident in having him represent the The Kitchen Table brand both during the event and in the weeks/months of planning leading up to the event.”

“He makes my job much easier. I’ve worked with him professionally and as a client for my own rehearsal and he delivers every time. He understands how I like things executed, paced, etc. and has the same, if not higher, standards for service.”

– Grace Park, The Kitchen Table

Non-Profit Organizations We Support:

“David’s friendly, approachable nature makes him an excellent leader in any kitchen. His culinary prowess combined with impeccable service skills have allowed him to create customized dining experiences for a wide range of our clients, and he is particularly wonderful at teaching new food and drink techniques while providing seamless hospitality.”

– Josie Floyd, Events Manager