About dineDK

Three dineDK chefs gently but intensely plating 20 servings of entrees.
Chef David Kirschner with Chef Christian Puglisi and Chef Jonathan Tam of Restaurant Relae in Copenhagen
Map showing dineDK's 40 mile radius service

We are a boutique private dining company serving NYC, NJ, CT, and the Hamptons

At dineDK, we create personalized culinary experiences with market-inspired menus customized to your needs and guests’ tastes.

*Our chefs are available for travel and short-term private contracts upon request

dineDK chefs plating around a sea of plates

From Left to Right: Chef Eleanore Park, Chef Patrick Troffer, Chef David Kirschner, Chef Greg Wright

Our Mission

To create an ideal environment for talented chefs to be creative and thrive; to work together to serve our guests unforgettable, one-of-a-kind culinary experiences.

We believe that the ultimate dining experience for our guests can only be achieved with passionate, happy chefs and event planners working at their optimal levels. To achieve this, our vision is to build an ecosystem that allows chefs the focus and freedom to do what they love and do best: to create outstanding food, curate unique experiences, and connect personally with guests.

How it started…

A Vision for Chefs

dineDK was founded in 2015 by Chef David Kirschner.

Chef David had a vision that would better serve his clients and local chefs alike: creating a community that gives talented chefs the opportunity to craft innovative, seasonal menus and work on their own schedule.

This would help restore balance in the lives of frequently burned-out chefs working long hours at restaurants. At the same time, the chefs are a part of a team that can work together to learn, grow, and enhance their skills through collaboration.

To achieve this vision, David started building a business that allowed flexibility to talented and like-minded chefs in the NYC area.

Today, dineDK gives chefs the support, schedule, tools, kitchen space, and a growing list of client opportunities to thrive and innovate.

Giving the space for chefs to do what they do best has allowed our guests to enjoy wonderful, unique menus wherever their ideal venue may be.

Chef David collaborates with all dineDK chefs to help them grow and to ensure each clients’ needs are met.

Join our team of chefs, cooks, and event planners for flexible opportunities to serve our neighbors our best food possible.

Chef David smiling as he preps

Chef David Kirschner

Chef David Kirschner has worked in some of our country’s most renowned kitchens. He has spent time in the 3 Michelin starred restaurant Per Se, been the Private Dining Chef for Bar Boulud in New York City, opened numerous restaurants with the Michael Mina Group, and held the position of Executive Chef at Tasting Table.

Over the last 13 years, David has fed and cooked events alongside several of our world’s most respected chefs: Ferran Adria, Rene Redzepi, Alex Atala, Dominique Crenn, April Bloomfield, Dominique Ansel, Edward Lee, Richard Blais, Michael White, Michael Anthony, Jason Fox, David Kinch, Yotam Ottolenghi, and more.

Learn more about Chef David

Guest speaking to other smiling guests

Building a Community

dineDK’s specialty is private events with customized tasting menus of the highest quality. The team today is respected for throwing memorable events for private dinners, special occasions, and corporate gatherings.

At dineDK, every dish and menu we create stems from what’s in season and at its best. We take classic dishes and preparations to new heights by reimagining them with unique twists.